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When Twinkle Khanna told Aarav ?Beta, please make an Airlift, do not make a Housefull?

This is a discussion on When Twinkle Khanna told Aarav ?Beta, please make an Airlift, do not make a Housefull? within the Celeb-Gossip forums, part of the :- News and Events -: category; When Twinkle Khanna told Aarav ?Beta, please make an Airlift, do not make a Housefull? Twinkle Khanna is an exception ...

Old 02-07-2018
Star When Twinkle Khanna told Aarav ?Beta, please make an Airlift, do not make a Housefull?

When Twinkle Khanna told Aarav ?Beta, please make an Airlift, do not make a Housefull?

Twinkle Khanna is an exception to many things, but the one cliche she breaks the best is the tag of being a part of the First Wives Club. Twinkle is her own person and her wit and openness to talk about any topic under the sun makes it easier for her kids – Aarav and Nitara to be themselves. The second part in my two series chat with Twinkle talks about her disdain for anything that involves siting still and putting on make up (a chat show!), the story behind her infamous Twitter handle Mrs Funnybones and her take on Aarav and Nitara joining films, here are excerpts from our chat…. (Click here to read the first part of the interview)

Does Aarav*give his opinion on Akshay’s films ?*

Of course he does. And so do we, back and forth. So I remember he was writing a play for school for his culminating project and he had two ideas and I stood there with my hands folded and I said, ‘Beta, please make an Airlift, do not make a Housefull.’ So he wrote a more serious one. It is a two way conversation which is how it should be. They should be able to tell us what they feel about us and we should be able to tell them. Again I really feel that using a light hearted tone, using humour to cut across, you know, this generational gap which is immense, is effective. Every 10 years and now they have names for everything – Millennials are over and now it is generation Z. So to cut across that is something that is very important and I guess even people like us for us to stay relevant in this very quickly rapidly moving world is a challenge. And it is something that we need to do otherwise we will be obsolete very quickly.

I know you keep*getting offered chat shows, why this disdain for the cameras ?*

I do not like sitting and first of all before I entered the films and I was about 17 then I had never even used lipstick in my life. I was, in those days, what they used to call a tom boy. Right now I sound so sexist but in those days we were very proud of being tom boys. Even today I mean I do a lot of endorsements so I do end up going and sitting in front of the mirror and they do your hair and makeup and you have your stylist sitting in the other room and the conversation is I love tassels, there is a conversation of half an hour about tassels. Then there is a conversation about this Naaz Palette. I have started plugging in my headphones and listening to podcasts of how to avoid Alzheimerís. That is what I have been doing. So I think if I had to do this on a daily basis, they talk about movie stars not knowing anything about the world. But look at their lives. They go in morning they get up and get in this make up van and listen to talks about tassels and make up palette and by the time they come home they are exhausted and then they are with their families. So it is a very insulated world and I do not want to be as insulated. I will get a mental breakdown. (Also read:*Akshay Kumar and Twinkle declare Aarav as the Best Son In The World on Father’s Day- view pic)

On a different note, if there is a film of yours running on TV what happens in the house? Do you rush for the remote?

I run and switch it off immediately and my son is very nasty. So, on my birthday, you know, and I am not naming the movie, so there is some scene where the hero is unconscious and I am going there and I am kissing his bare chest. So my son has this clip playing on loop of me kissing this manís nipple on my birthday as an endless loop to just horrify me or mortify me. But I guess you cannot really change your past. My grandchildren will look at this clip of me.

So when people say what is this Funny Bones thing you have the original of Wolverine, somebody sent me this clip of Leherein back in the day. I am sitting there and I am actually saying if funny things happen to me or I look at things in a funny way. I am not interested in serious movies I am only interested in comedy because I find everything fun. So that probably is my origin if you go back on that. This was back in the ’90s.

Tell me the story about Funny Bones. How did this name come about ?

No, so when Twitter happened, like everyone else in the beginning I also climbed on board and I had these two tweets, some politician had gotten slapped and I remember my first tweet was, what a slap sirjee, and the other one was about how you know Sita got a private jet to Lanka. And she must have been rather pleased with this private jet. At that point my husband and my family said, I do not think this is a right platform for you, we have morchas outside our house. So, I deleted my account. And then I wasnít on Twitter for all this while. Sarita had been badgering me, ‘You are writing,’ and once I began writing, ‘You better come online.’ Then I started writing for Sunday Times. My first column was coming out. Now during this period I decided I will make this anonymous handle and I cannot go by my name and say things I want to say. So I made Mrs Funny Bones to just troll people anonymously. But when I went to register for myself there was no Twinkle Khanna left. There were some other Twinkle Khannas in the world who had taken this ID. So I had a choice of being Twinkle Khanna on being The Twinkle Khanna. And I just took this handle and it was already made and I decided I want to just start today and right now and I started. That was it. But the thing is that again I made this handle because I really believed that everything that you have and I think that you have to find a way to laugh at yourself and a way to laugh at things which are sort of hardships in life. So Funny Bones had two things. I had a peculiar way of looking at life and *two I have two very bad bones, I have broken every bone in my body – my legs, my arm, my collar bone. I limped most of my life, at least till I was 40, where surprisingly it went into reverse and I do not limp anymore. So I thought it was a way for me to laugh at things that had really given me pain for a long time.

On Friday when the film comes out what will matter the most, glowing reviews or box office numbers ?

No the best thing, when the movie will be out, will be that I will be sitting in my garden with a glass of wine and not talking to anybody in the world. That would be my happy moment. I will be done with all of this. Now it is out there and what happens happens.

Are you open to the idea of Aarav and Nitara wanting to join the industry*?*

I think I would never want to foist my own beliefs on to my son and daughter for that matter. My daughter is very young but she has her own ideas in life.

I believe Aarav is interested in theatre?

He does do a lot of plays in school, he does like to write as well. He is somebody who likes to make people laugh, he does imitations and whatever. But again because my parents did that with me, which is, put their interest on to my shoulders, that is not something I would ever do. I have told him that I am only interested in you making the most of your attributes. Very late in life and recently I read this essay by Rita, which was about how young people should find themselves and I wish I had read that when I was younger. I told him what are your attributes right now and what are your assets right now, what are you passionate, interested and good in. Other things you must be passionate and interested and good in are the things that you will be passionate and good in when you are 40. There are only 4 things whether it is chemistry or crochet. So whether you want to become an actor or astronomer you focus on those things and the rest, even if you barely scrape by, I am not bothered. And that is my philosophy with him. I hope people read this answer. If not follow suit but they…

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