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Yeh Ajnabi - 17th September 2010 | Written Update

This is a discussion on Yeh Ajnabi - 17th September 2010 | Written Update within the Jaane Pehchaane Se Yeh Ajnabi forums, part of the Star One Archive category; Yeh Ajnabi - 17th September 2010 | Written Update Episode starts The Kajra Re song sequence starts. Ayesha starts dancing ...

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Bug Yeh Ajnabi - 17th September 2010 | Written Update

Yeh Ajnabi - 17th September 2010 | Written Update

Episode starts

The Kajra Re song sequence starts. Ayesha starts dancing first, Veer and Dhruv looks on admiringly. Later he and Dhruv joins Ayesha. The staff and Nihaal too dances and takes part in the celebration.


Veer calls Ayesha at night after the Sangeet. They talk each other and Nihaal. Veer and Ayesha remembers how, Nihaal always brought them closer and played the role of cupid in their lives They have a romantic conversation before they end the phonecall.

The next day

Veer is getting ready for the wedding. He looks at himself on the mirror and asks a photo of Ayesha, how he is looking. Ayesha too is getting ready and inquires how she is looking to Veer's photo.


Dubey, Iyer etc are all excited and welcomes Veer and Nihaal at the mandap. Veer anxiously waits for Ayesha. After waiting for quite long, the Pandit asks them to call the bride as the auspicious time is running out. Veer gets worried and asks Nihaal to call Ayesha. Nihaal, Dube etc doesn't get any answer from Ayesha's side even Dhruv's phone comes unreachable. Everyone gets worried. The pandit reminds them again to bring the bride.

After a while Dhruv and Ayesha comes there from behind, not from the main entrance, where everyone had their eyes fixed waiting for her arrival. Veer is feels relieves seeing Ayesha. He praises Ayesha. The wedding ceremony takes place. They exchanges garlands, take their vows, Veer applies Sindoor on Ayesha's forehead and makes her wear the Mangalsutra. They successfully completes all the rituals. Veer and Ayesha, married to each other finally!


They try to touch Dhruv's feet for his blessing but Dhruv jokes, he is of the same age bracket as theirs thus its not required. He asks them to find a girl for him. Veer jokes, they've already uploaded his picture in a matrimonial site. Nihaal tells them, he is responisible in getting them together, they should take his blessing first. Veer jokes around how he wished to wed Ayesha; Veer retorts, that she is married now and is only his (Veer) and will remain only his, for the next seven births. Veer and Ayesha stare at each other.


Ayesha's sitting on the bed with the ghooghat and all. Dhruv pushes Veer inside. Veer tells him, he is more restless than him(D), for the suhaag raat thus there wasn't the need for him to do that. He tells Dhruv and Nihaal to leave them alone. Veer sits on the bed and tries to remove the ghoonghat from Ayesha's face but Ayesha doesn't let him move it. Veer reminds her, they are married now and he won't allow her excuses of feeling conscious of anybody watching or anything of that kind. He won't be let her stop him from coming close. Veer adds, she became Mrs. Veer Vardhan Singh. Ayesha replies, she is and will remain his (Veer). She is married to him, its the most beautiful reality of her life. Veer removes removes the ghoonghat. They look at each other. Veer promises her, he will make the beautiful reality of her life more beautiful than a dream. They come forward to each other's faces to kiss but is interrupted by Nihaal, who shouts out to Veer to finish off the glass of milk first. Veer looks in front and finds Dhruv and Nihaal outside the window. Veer is annoyed and asks, Nihaal why he was there. Nihaal answers, he came to tell them what he'll be calling them after marriage. He will retain their names as Chachu and Maasi and won't change it. Veer asks Dhruv, if he too got something to say. Dhruv sternly tells him, to always look after Ayesha and not to let her feel sad ever or else, he will bring back Daadi and Avni again. Veer says bye to them and shuts the window. He goes to the bed again but Ayesha brings the glass of milk for him infront. He gulps it down in a hurry and turn to Ayesha. Veer winks at the audience [camera] while Ayesha smiles. They lie down on the bed.

A curtain comes comes in front and a voiceover says, Love has no color but the effect of it engraves the deepest in the heart. This love, gives the meaning to life and the show [JPSYA] was about a lovestory like that. This lovestory was part of our homes for many days but from tonight onwards, it will be a part of our memories.

Episode Ends

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