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Jyoti - 27th November 2010 - Last Episode - Written Update

This is a discussion on Jyoti - 27th November 2010 - Last Episode - Written Update within the Jyoti forums, part of the NDTV Archive category; Jyoti - 27th November 2010 - Last Episode - Written Update Precap Pankaj does a Superman-cum-Amitabh Bacchan ( everybody now ...

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Heart Jyoti - 27th November 2010 - Last Episode - Written Update

Jyoti - 27th November 2010 - Last Episode - Written Update

Pankaj does a Superman-cum-Amitabh Bacchan (everybody now knows about Sarwar's bollywood background now) and saves JyotiR from the goons and gets fatal injuries himself. Then, Pankaj (Vashist) is dead and Pankaj (Sisodiya) is born. And when Jyotir arrive at home, Harmukhi is ready to welcome them with a gun and aims to kill Jyoti. Then a bullet gets fired and Jyoti screams "Nahiii"

Harmukhi Dead and Roshni saved

The bullet is finally fired and Harmukhi looks down and sees that she has been shot herself and it was Vikrant who shot her. Everybody rushes to tend her while Vikrant begins crying and asks his mother to forgive him because he didn't kill his mother but the woman who wanted to destroy his family. Harmukhi says that he did the right thing (hieghts of sudden sainthood, Brij, Pankaj, Sumer were chai-cum-pani before this one) since she had done a lot of bad deeds. She then clrifies to RP that he had never done a crime, (raaz tackled off in an easy way) and it was Harmukhi who had planted those proofs. She continues that punishing a criminal is not a crime and if the world questions then tell them that.... and with an unfinished sentence she dies.
Amidst all the mourning RP consoles Vikrant and reclarifies Jyoti's statement that a human isn't good or bad, it is his deeds and asks for forgiveness from Jyoti. Jyoti replies that RP's hands are not meant to be folded before her but for playing with his grandson. RP looks at Pankaj(Sisodia) and smiles.

8 months later.....
Jyoti is lighting a diya before the divine idol and Kabir comes over to assure her that they'll be successful and their sacrifice won't be wasted. Roshni and Pankaj are taken to the hospital. And while Jyotir are waiting outside, Bharavi brings a Sai Baba idol and gives it to Jyoti for good luck.She also says that since the day Pankaj has been born, she has visited every holy place to pray that they are safe and ponders over the fact that she wasn't able to see the kids before they entered the O.T. Kabir replies that what's the use of seeing them, let them recover and she'll have to fulfill the duties of a good grandmother in future (Hold on, marrying RP with Bhairavi would've been such an awesome twist for an end). He states thet Pankaj (Vashisht) as always with them. Then the doctor comes out and declares that inspite of all the risks, the operation was successful (so quick?) and both the kids are absolutely safe.

7 years later....
Jeet and Roshni come in rushing and have some balloons with them and ask Kabir why he asked them to get balloons since both were already here. Kabir says its a surprise. The surprise is that they'll be celebrating Jyoti's birthday. Kabir brings in Jyoti and shows her how the family has prepared for her birthday.

Flashbacks Gallore
Roshni asks Jyoti to smile and while shooting with a handy cam she says that today is a special shoot, today she'll listen to a tale from everybody. She turns the cam to KK's photo and says that she wants to know about her Nana since she had never seen him. Kabir tells that Jyoti is an exact reflection of KK. Then Jyoti goes into flashback mode where she brings the household articles for everyone and gives it to them.
Roshni then turns to ask Deepu and he related the tale where he got misled and decieved Jyoti into giving him money for extra classes by lying and instead used them for gambling and later Jyoti discovers this and scolds him. And also how he mends his ways, and that Jyoti wasn't allowed to attend Deepu-Poonam's wedding. He goes on to say that how he misunderstood her many more times and Jyoti interrupts her that this is an occasion of happiness and he shouldn't get sad.

Sushma now enters and Roshni turns her cam towards her to ask her, to which Sushma goes on to relate that how she did all wrong deeds under Brij's infuence, Jyoti rescuing her and Brij's sudharofying incidents. Jyoti always showed her the correct path and whatever she is now is because of Jyoti.

Pankaj (Vashisht)'s garlanded photo is now the handycam target and asks about her Bade Papa. The flashbacks now show Pankaj proposing Jyoti, their marriage, Brij creating a rift between them, Jyoti placing the conditions that Pankaj won't have any right over their kid.

Sushi now begins telling Roshni about Kabir, she says that he was a hero who was able to make anybody smile instantly. Kabir interrupts by saying that what did she mean by was? He can still do that, and the flashbacks show Jyotir's temple scenes and Kabir proposing to Jyoti.

Asha is now the target and her flashbacks include how Jyoti had saved her marriage, and also her Durga transformation with trishul and all and Sumer-sudhar.

Wrapping Up Finally
Rashmi continues the gallore stating how Jyoti rescued Rashmi and got her married (legally) to Vikrant and tells that Jyoti had taught her to live and fight for her rights.
The cake is now cut and Roshni asks Kabir to tell his share of the story. Kabir goes on saying that Jyoti made him a better human being, to which Roshni says that yes she had already guessed that Kabir might've been a bigger fool before. The flashbacks continue and Kabir remembers the processes which led to the saving of Roshni by the birth of Pankaj(Sisodiya).
RP now turns to Pankaj(Sisodiya) and makes him wear the locket meant for the heir of the Sisodiya family and looks at Roshni and Pankaj(Sisodiya) says that they turned him from an arrogant person to a Grandfather and they are his rightful heirs.
A guest asks Jyoti to tell something about herself to which the (ever-dreaded) bhashan of Jyoti's begins. She says that she was a simple girl having simple dreams, and now she knows that if something bad happens to you it is because God has something better in store. She brings her kids to her side and says that she wants to teach them just one thing that, it gives more satisfaction to give than to take and even if a stranger smiles because of you it works wonders and blah blah blah blah (sorry, I can't write anymore, plz understand why, and see the episode repeats if you wanna know)

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