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Review of Punjabi Movie Jatt and Juliet 2

This is a discussion on Review of Punjabi Movie Jatt and Juliet 2 within the Bhangra News & Reviews forums, part of the Punjabi Music category; Review of Punjabi Movie Jatt and Juliet 2 The sequel of Jatt and Juliet 2 was definitely the most awaited ...

Old 07-04-2013
Heart Review of Punjabi Movie Jatt and Juliet 2

Review of Punjabi Movie Jatt and Juliet 2

The sequel of Jatt and Juliet 2 was definitely the most awaited movie of 2013 for every Punjabi movie enthusiast. The prequel offered almost everything right - from the good looking stars, brilliant music, eye-catching locales, a fine plot and loads of entertainment. Therefore, the expectations from its sequel are understandably, very high since it brings together the same triumphant team of Anurag Singh, Diljit Dosanjh and Dheeraj Rattan together. Now the query on everyone’s mind is- Has this prized team rolled out a far superior and even more interesting entertainer?

Okay so here we begin. Jatt and Juliet 2 is a romantic comedy offering little romance and more humour. Fateh Singh (Diljit Dosanjh) is a ‘hawaldar’ in Punjab police and aspires to become an inspector soon. Due to his wit and unique ways of catching criminals (sometimes, innocent people), his inspector (Jaswinder Bhalla) offers him a chance to visit Canada to bring back the estranged daughter of the Commissioner. The commissioner is a divorcee and his daughter, Pooja (Neeru Bajwa) lives in Canada with her mother. According to the commissioner, Pooja works in a beauty parlour. For accomplishing this task, Fateh Singh is offered an assured promotion to the rank of inspector. Fateh Singh is then sent to Canada on the pretense of catching a criminal and for this, he is provided with the assistance of Canadian police. There he meets a cop, inspector Singh (Neeru Bajwa) who he obviously could never think that she could be the same ‘Pooja’ who he was supposed to bring back to India. The plot gets convoluted when he meets another girl (Bharti) working in a parlour who pretends to be ‘Pooja’.

Just like, Jatt and Juliet 1, the sequel also displays the similar characteristics of Pooja and Fateh. They disagree on practically everything; they are complete opposites. The first half has light moments aplenty. The interaction between Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa in Vancouver is truly enjoyable and takes the graph of the film upwards. Writers Dheeraj Rattan and Anurag Singh have packaged several humorous incidents in the first half. Diljit Dosanjh’s funny antics are commendable and the way he both pokes fun at and later, strengthens the image of ‘Punjab police’ in front of all those ‘goras’ speak volumes about this man’s ability as an actor.

The post-interval portions begin on a promising note, but things begin to deteriorate in this half. Just when the movie starts venturing into the intense, romantic zone, the director safely pulls it back to the comic zone again. Apart from the song ‘Akhiyan’ and ‘Naina’, the lead pair don’t share much of romantic chemistry at all. Does this expose the fear lingering on the minds of Punjabi film-makers that our audience is capable of appreciating only a ‘comedy’? Everyone associated with this film, including the director, writer, and even the actors had the talent to make it a real good romantic movie but they decided to take the same comic route again. Anyways, even those few poignant moments in the film are appreciable.

Director Anurag Singh succeeds on two fronts; he has shot the film exceedingly well and has also extracted fantastic performances from not just Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa, but also from every character in the film. Cinematography is strikingly beautiful. Dialogues are natural to the core. It’s only the thin plot that lets the film down somewhere. Shampy and his Daddy’s track are dragged, for example, and more of a distraction most of the times. Even the climax is not as convincing as it should've been. Perhaps, the makers ran out of ideas by the time they reached the climax, or perhaps they must've suddenly realized that they’re running out of time and now they must head towards the climax zone fast.

Jatinder Shah’s music is amongst the high points of the movie. A melodious score embellished the movie, with songs like, Akhiyaan, Naina, Punjab Police and Meri Buggi that are already topping the charts allover. The best part is that the songs are placed well in the story.

Casting is one of the film's major strengths. It would be hard to imagine anyone other than Diljit as the cute, witty, and funny ‘Fateh’. The man is simply outstanding and delivers a performance that deserves an ovation . His captivating performance is sure to increase his fan-following manifold. One of the scenes, where he speaks to himself looking into the mirror, is one of the major highlights of the movie and Diljit truly steals everyone’s heart with this 'heart-touching' monologue. Throughout the movie, he takes us into him completely. We laugh with him and we cry with him - we take back his emotions and innocence as we exit the auditorium. Likewise, Neeru’s effervescent personality infuses ‘Pooja’ with charm, and her act as the tough cop is admirable. Later, she shows her vulnerable side too which sure, earns some brownie points. But the one who was given the task of deciding jewelry to match with her wedding gown should be sacked and the makeup that she wears along with this attire is odd. Jaswinder Bhalla is excellent. Rana Ranbir is fine. B.N. Sharma gives his character a sheen that only a veteran like him can. Rana Jung Bahadur is first-rate. Dolly Mattoo gives a lovable performance while, Bharti sends us to splits of laughter every time she appears on screen.

On the whole, ‘Jatt and Juliet 2’ has laughter in abundance, with very less emotions moving alongside. However, while the prequel was about Jatt and Juliet both, the sequel relies heavily on our ‘Jatt’ only!

Rating: 3.5/5

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