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Baat Hamari Pakki Hai - 2nd September 2010 | Written Update

This is a discussion on Baat Hamari Pakki Hai - 2nd September 2010 | Written Update within the Baat Hamari Pakki Hai forums, part of the Sony TV Archive category; Baat Hamari Pakki Hai - 2nd September 2010 | Written Update Nanu calls up Nidhi. He explains to her that ...

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Star Baat Hamari Pakki Hai - 2nd September 2010 | Written Update

Baat Hamari Pakki Hai - 2nd September 2010 | Written Update

Nanu calls up Nidhi. He explains to her that Sanchi was crying. Nidhi says that she would talk to Sanchi as soon as she reaches home. Nanu is surprised. He tells that Sanchi left more than an hour back.
Sanchi is walking back home. Her eyes as well as the clouds in the sky are raining. She is remembering her promise to Dadi that she would try her best to change Shravan. She remembers how Shravan asked her for divorce. She also is thinking over Tara's challenge that Shravan himself would leave Sanchi.

On the way she sees Lord Krishna's temple.
Sanchi - God, you are taking my test. Ok, I will pass this test.
Everybody has come back from office.
Dadi - How was the day?
Neeta - Good Dadi, now Shravan has also started taking interest in the work.
Dadi senses that Shravan is looking tensed. She asks the reason. Shravan says nothing. Dadi thinks that he must be tired.
Nidhi - Shravan, where is Sanchi? You did not bring her with you?
Dadi - Yes, where is Sanchi?
Shravan hesitates. Nidhi asks him to tell clearly where Sanchi is. Suddenly Sanchi comes inside.
Nidhi - Sanchi, is everything alright? Nanu was saying that you were very worried.
Dadi - Sanchi, what happened?
Sanchi - Nothing Dadi. It is just that Mami was worried over Shreya.
Shravan - I am going to take shower. Sanchi, keep my clothes ready
(I do not like this tradition of wives keeping clothes ready for their husbands. I mean the men know where the clothes are. They can take it themselves.)

Sanchi enters her room. Shravan closes the door. Sanchi speedily goes to the almirah and is taking our the clothes.
She gives a shirt to Shravan. Shravan looks at her angrily. But Sanchi has determined look.
Shravan throws the shirt.
Shravan - Sanchi, how dare you talk to Tara. This is between me and you. No need to bring Tara in between. Did you talk to your family?
Sanchi - No
Shravan - What do you mean? It is OK. I gave you a chance. You did not tell them, no problem. I will tell my family.
Shravan tries to pull Sanchi but Sanchi frees her hand.
Sanchi - Shravan ji, you are forgetting something. We have signed the contract as per which I have to leave you but provided you give me 25 lacs. The day you give me 25 lacs, I will tell both families that our marriage was a contract.
Shravan twists her arm.

Shravan - Oh, I should have known that you married only for money. Ok, I will throw 25 lacs on your face tomorrow.
Sanchi - No need to throw on my face. If you give me in my hand or throw in front of me, then also I will take.
(Here, Sanchi should have reminded Shravan that the money should be earned by Shravan, but she did not.)
Shravan goes out angrily.

In the night, Shravan is looking at Sanchi angrily. Sanchi smiles and goes to sleep.
Suddenly Shravan is wearing shoes to go out.
Sanchi - Where are you going at this time?
Shravan - How does it concern you? You need only your 25 lacs.
Sanchi - But everybody here will ask me.
Sanchi tries to stop Shravan but Shravan goes out.
Dadi hears the sound and is in the corridor.
Dadi - Who opens and closes the door? It must be Shravan.
She comes to Shravan's room. By that time, Sanchi puts some pillows covered by a bedsheet as if it is Shravan sleeping.
Dadi - Sanchi, where did Shravan go?
Sanchi points towards the bed.
Dadi - Oh sorry, I thought it was Shravan who went out. Ok, go back to sleep.
Dadi goes out.

Shravan meets Viren and Sahil.
Sahil - Oh, so you did what Tara told you. You are also selfish like Tara. Great.
Shravan gets angry and starts fighting with Sahil. Viren stops him.
Sahil (to Viren) - You also know that Tara is not right for him.
Viren - He can be emotional for you, not for Tara. Tara is your girlfriend. Sanchi is our bhabhi. So, we can be emotional for her. I did not say we would not help you. We will.
Shravan - I need 25 lacs. I hope that both of you will help me.
Viren and Sahil promise that they will try.
(I wonder what Shravan's friends are planning.)

Shravan reaches home and sees Dadi waiting for him.
Shravan - Dadi?
Dadi - I knew my suspicion could not be so wrong. That poor Sanchi. She keeps on protecting you. It does not mean that you will not change. You know we all, including Sanchi, care so much for you. I told you not to leave Sanchi ever but to leave your carelessness.
Sanchi comes out.
Sanchi - Shravan ji, got the medicine?
Dadi - Which medicine?
Sanchi coughs - Dadi, I had cough. I asked him for cough syrup. He did not know where it was. He did not want to wake up anybody, so he went out to chemist.
Dadi - I will believe what Sanchi says. Shravan, you try to change yourself. Sanchi, are you sure you are doing what you should? Remember that if love makes somebody better, then it can also spoil somebody. I hope you will remember your responsibilities.
Sanchi - Yes, Dadi.
Dadi blesses both of them.

Precap - Shravan asks Pratap for 25 lacs.

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the part about keeping clothes. love opinion.

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