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Choti Si Zindagi - 16th December 2011 Written Update

This is a discussion on Choti Si Zindagi - 16th December 2011 Written Update within the Chhoti Si Zindagi forums, part of the Zee TV Archive category; Choti Si Zindagi - 16th December 2011 Written Update Video Update here: Click Here to Watch Ojha house: Revathy creeps ...

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Question Choti Si Zindagi - 16th December 2011 Written Update

Choti Si Zindagi - 16th December 2011 Written Update

Video Update here: Click Here to Watch

Ojha house:
Revathy creeps into the hall and sees the kid (Govinda) playing on the floor. She grabs him from behind and covers his mouth so he doesnt make a sound. The trio are still over at Shyam's house. Sam gets a call from Girish and he's informed that Govinda has been kidnapped. Isha wonders who could do such a thing. Sam suspects the people who brought Govinda over to them. Meanwhile mystery lady is with Shyam and wonders whether Isha n gang know by know how Govinda is related to them. Suddenly she sees Govinda calling out to her for help in a car passing by. She gets really worried and calls his name out (her face still hasnt been revealed yet) The trio are back at Ojha house with Girish n Daimaa. The mystery lady is finally revealed as she storms into Ojha house and demands to know where her son is. Ira asks the lady if Givinda is her son and she replies in the affirmative. Daimaa then further explains that Govinda is named like his dad who also has a synonym of Lord Krishna. Just as Isha is about to figure she means Shyam, her Isha's dad enters and announces his name. Both sisters get really emotional seeing their father after all these years. Shyam also has tears in his eyes as he stretches his arms inviting the for hug. Both sisters run towards him but stop as they seem to have so many unaswered questions in their eyes. The mystery lady seems to understand as she starts explaining tearfully that Shyam is Govinda's dad and her husband but before that he's the father of you two. Shyam says he's been craving to meet them since ages and asks them for a hug. Isha is about to hug him but Ira stops her in a strict tone. Ira complains that they wited for so long for him as well but he never looked back. Shyam explains he was very weak and felt guilty for not being able to feed them so he left them at the orphanage out of compulsion. He always wanted to meet them but couldnt ever muster the courage to so. His wife adds he was meant to get married to her but her father put forth a condition that he will have to leave his daughters. After Shyam married her he wsa miserable and kept missing his daughters so she felt bad and offered herself to bring them back from the orphanage but her father got them moved out of Kasauli and wouldnt let them come back. By the time they came back it was too late as the ashram had burnt down. Shyam says he searched them for years but he had no luck. Isha asks when he finally found them then why didnt he come to them. He replies he just didnt seem to have the courage to face them. Ira angrily asks him with what right he came back as they have learnt to live without him. He requests her to not say that as he no longer wants to stay away from his kids be it Isha/Ira or Govinda.

Suddenly the phone rings and Daimaa picks up to find Revathy on the other side. She puts it on speaker phone and sounds of a train station can heard in the background. She reveals to Isha that Govinda is with her. She threatens that if she wants Govinda back she will have to go to the police station and take their complaint back. Isha is ready to do whatever Revathy asks after she cuts the call but Sam n Girish feel they shouldnt give up. Sam informs her that in the call he heard background noise of railway announcements and temples bells. Daimaa knows the train station where there's a temple nearby. Shyam is worried for Govinda but Ira assures him that nothing will happen to him.

Revathy's downfall:
Revathy is in a secluded room where she's telling her 3 henchmen to tie Govinda up. Just then, the whole gang manage to arrive in the nick of time. Isha tells her she wont be taking her complaint back but Revathy tells the henchmen to point a gun at Govinda. Isha immediately agrees as Revathy calls the commissioner and makes her take the complaint back. After the call is over Revathy asks the henchmen to round up the whole gang and prepares to kill Isha. Suddenly Shyam the long lost father springs up in action and yells at Revathy that no one can dare separate him from his daughters. Shyam, Sam n Girish have a dhishum dhishum sequence with the henchmen. Shyam seems to have more energy than Sam in this sequence as he's doing a Dharmendra style "main tumhe jaan se maar dunga" #rolls eyes# while Sam holds him from behind to stop him (Iam not liking Shyam at all sorry guys) In a blink of an eye, the cops come and take away the gundi and her gundas. Isha suddenly notices her daddy's hand is bleeding and rips her sari's pallu in filmy style and ties it around his hand. Shyam tells them to relax but Ira tells him to shut up as the bleeding wont stop if he keeps moving. Shyam smiles and hus both his daughters while Govinda also joins in their group hug.

Happy ending
The gang arive back at Ojha house and Govinda sees a bicycle outside. He signals Shyam to give him a ride which he does. Isha is shown inside in front of Mata Rani's idol thanking her for all the happiness. All the remaining gang come behind her and Shravan seems to be magically back from his 3 day trip. Both couples take Shyam's blessing and they have some happy sappy talks. Isha comments that Ira to her will always be he baby sister no matter how old she gets. Suddenly junior Ira pats Shyam from behind and he sees both the juniors staring back at him. Junior Isha asks her dad if he's happy. He nods happily and turns around again to see them gone. The decide to take a family photograph but Govinda takes a while to get th picture taken as he was busy sketching something. After the photo is taken Ira brings the camera to them to show it. Govinda comments the photo isnt as nice as his sketch. Sam sarcastically comments he has already seen his artistic skills. Govinda says he was fooling around that time but he can actually draw. He shows them his drawing. Isha comments his drawings are similar to what Ira used to do in childhood as its basically a family portrait of everyone together. Ira says "bhai kiska hai". Isha asks what his drawing is called and he replies "choti si zindagi" as they all pose like a family and also happily say choti si zindagi in union.

I CANT BELIEVE ITS OVER! I officially hate Zee for not informing in advance at all that the show's ending.Anyway guys on a positive note, I really enjoyed doing updates on this forum and this was a beautiful show minus the last episode of course. All good things come to an end some day. I just felt annoyed for one thing that Shravan didnt have even one line in the whole episode. It was dumb for his character to missing especially when the show was ending and too much footage to Shyam. I felt disappointed with the jet speed the whole thing wrapped. The sisters (both seniors and juniors) didnt seem that attached with Shyam. But hey it was the last episode so cant complain.

BTW if you guys are wondering whats the reason for changing my colour scheme its because I want to wish you all a very merry Xmas in advance in xmas colours before this forum is archived and becomes even more dead then before. Thanks for always pressing the like button and being patient even when I was late sometimes. Love you guys and see around in future. You wont be seeing me in Afsar Bitiya forum though

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this was my fvt show miss it so much

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