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Ek Doosre Se Karte Hai Pyaar Hum - 17th November 2012 Written Update

This is a discussion on Ek Doosre Se Karte Hai Pyaar Hum - 17th November 2012 Written Update within the Ek Doosre Se Karte Hai Pyaar Hum forums, part of the Star Plus Archive category; Ek Doosre Se Karte Hai Pyaar Hum - 17th November 2012 Written Update Ek Doosre Se Karte Hain Pyaar Hum ...

Old 11-17-2012
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Podcast Ek Doosre Se Karte Hai Pyaar Hum - 17th November 2012 Written Update

Ek Doosre Se Karte Hai Pyaar Hum - 17th November 2012 Written Update
Ek Doosre Se Karte Hain Pyaar Hum - 17th November 2012 Episode Written Update
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Hello dear friends.. Here is the very last written update of our supercool show.. The show has ended and hence our forum will be pulled down soon. Hope that we'll cross paths again and meet somewhere in some other forum. Thank You.. Miss you all..

Tejal takes Monikangana's
father to Mandaari maata. He comes inside and gets impressed seeing Mandari mata's antics. The actress playing Mandaari mata asks Tejal if any person is troubling her whose name starts with "S". Tejal says that her elder sister-in-law Sushila is causing her problems. Moni's father gets impressed seeing Mandaari mata's prediction capacity.

He prays her to predict his future. Mandaari mata does some drama and tells him that a person whose name starts with "M" will cause him problems. That person will refuse to give him luxuries in life. Jayesh bhai gets flashbacks of morning when Monikangana refused to give him money. He understands that Monikangana is going to prove a traitor in near future. Tejal and Jayesh bhai leaves.

After coming back home, Tejal asks what was the name of the friend of Jayesh bhai who is his doctor. He tells that his name is "Mahesh". Tejal tells that he may prove to be a traitor as per Mandaari mata's prediction. But Jayesh bhai doesn't answer and goes away. Tejal mutters: "You have played a lot with our lives. Now its ur turn to dance to our tunes.

Someone calls Moni and tells her to meet him. As she is about to move out, Shaswat comes inside. He keeps his bag aside and takes out an envelope. When Moni asks what's in that packet, Shaswat tells that he had booked their honeymoon tickets. He had planned to go to Andaman and Nicobar islands. And as Moni is pregnant, he decided to prolong their honeymoon by going to Maldives and Singapore too. He tells Moni to be prepared with her shopping list. Moni is pleased.

Its late night. The whole MM is dark. Moni sneaks out of her room. She is about to move out when someone holds her hand. She turns around and gets startled to see her father. Jayesh bhai accuses Moni that she has been trying to steal the money and fleeing. She tells that she is not fleeing with money rather she is going to give the money to Rahul. When Jayesh bhai asks who's Rahul, she asks him how can he forget the man who had made his daughter pregnant.

They keep on fighting over the money. Suddenly, lights flash in. Tejal and Sushila are shown standing in front of Moni and her father. They come closer. Now all the lights are on. The Mazumdaar family is shown standing in the hall. Everyone are shell-shocked listening to Moni and her father's conversation. Moni and her father are equally shocked too.

Tejal and Sushila asks Moni why she has been cheating and lying to the family till now. Moni doesn't answer anything. Sujal futher pressurizes her for blurting out the truth. Finally Monikangana breaks down in front of the family.

Shaswat's eyes are swelled and red with tears. He asks Moni why she has cheated him. "I loved u the most in the world Moni. I may not have believed anyone but u were the only one on which I trusted fully. Why did u break my trust?", he questions her.

Moni tells that she has gone through a rough upbringing. When she was 5 years old, her mother left her father for the sake of another rich man. When that man didn't want to accept baby Moni, her mother left her too. She has been bound to grow up with her father who always has been a gambler. She has always seen lie and deceit and mistrust during her nurturing days.

And when she grew up, she did every possible odd jobs for her father. The girls of her age used to get pocket-money from their fathers. And she was the unlucky daughter who always paid pocket money to her father. She tells that she has seen so much of lies and deceit around her that she doesn't believe anyone in this world.

Then one day, Rahul came to her life. He filled her days with love and surprise. She was regaining her trust back on world. But one day he left her too. He already made her pregnant till then. She cried and shouted. But he didn't listen to her and left her like a trash.

She tells that she is not ashamed of lying and deceiving to the whole family. Because this is what she has learned from the whole world. The whole world has always taught her to be the one who she is now.

Sanyukta drags Moni in front of the prayer room and asks if she didn't fear God for once when she had been plotting against everyone. Moni tells that she didn't believe God. Because she denies the presence of God who has made her life hell. Made her motherless and compelled to live without proper guidance of father.

She tells that she will leave this home before they push her out. She goes inside her room and closes the door.

Everyone turns towards Jayesh bhai who was about to run out. Sushila and Tejal tells him that it is due to his lack of values and morals that Monikangana is such a terrible back-biting plotter. He is responsible for turning Moni to what she is now.

Inside her room, Moni is about to pack her bags. She gets a terrible stomachache. She shrieks loudly and cries for help. The family members rush in and tries to help her. Someone calls the doctor, someone brings her water etc.

Next day morning, Monikangana comes out of her room with all her luggages and is about to leave the house. All the family members try to stop her. Tejal tells her that this is a second chance for her in life. She mustn't let it go. Sushila tells that Moni should reconsider her decision of leaving the house. Binoy tells that they should forget old quarrels and should start a new life afresh.

Sanyukta comes and declares that no one should stop Monikangana from going. She comes and tells that if Monikangana wants to leave, it will be her own decision. She shows her the entrance of the hall and tells that this is not only the entrance, but a deciding line of life for Moni. If she crosses this line, sadness, aloofness and emptiness are ready to grab her life.

And she chooses to stay this side, her life will be filled up with joy and laughter and will be full of love. Sanyukta further adds, "I know these words are meaningless for you, but they are very important. God has not provided you with a proper childhood but he has given you this new opportunity to stay with us and live ur life with us, loving each other. Do you want to miss this chance?"

Monikangana runs and hugs Sanyukta. She tells that she'll never again think of leaving this house. Sushila and Tejal joins them and embraces each other.

One year later, MM:

Tejal comes out of her room and shouts that she couldn't make the breakfast. She tells Sushila to prepare it. Sushila too tells that she couldn't make breakfast as she was very busy. Monikangana comes out of her room and tells that she'll prepare the food. She goes inside the kitchen.

Tejal comes inside the MM hall with two prams with two babies. One is a boy, another one is a girl. Tejal complains that Shaswat's baby boy always cries. Shaswat tells that the baby cries when Tejal comes in front of him. He takes up the baby from the cradle and plays with it.

In room, Binoy Sushi are romancing when Sanyukta calls Sushila. She is about to run away when Binoy holds her back. He tells that they already have a daughter "Mishka/ Kanishka" (I'm not sure ). What if they plan for another child? Sushila blushes.

In kitchen, Monikangana ruins the breakfast. The family members see it but doesn't scold her. They make fun of her.

Here, Shaswat runs behind Aniket pleading him. Aniket tells that he doesn't have time to talk with Shaswat. His personal secretary is Foram. So Shaswat should talk with Foram only. Nikhilesh-Sanyukta comes and asks what was the matter. Shaswat tells that he wanted an interview of the superstar Aniket Mazumdaar. But he is not ready to give any interview. Instead he is pushing Shaswat towards Foram.

Aniket runs away. Shaswat follows him and runs behind Aniket pleading for an interview. Sanyukta-Nikhilesh could not believe their eyes seeing the change in the behavior of the family members. They discuss that everyone should be always ready to see changes. Coz its human nature.

Everyone are in the hall. They play and dance. The "Ek Doosre Se karte Hai Pyaar Hum" title track is played in the background.

The episode finishes on a happy note.

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Old 11-17-2012

Written updates <MY WAY>

Last episode

The episode starts wid DC going to Mandhari mata. She tells dat sum1 very close to him n whose name starts wid 'M" s gonna betray him. Tejal n dc reach home . DC in thots.

Tejal says ur frend 'Mahesh' (doctor) mite betray u.
Here MK in room n she was about to leave for sum work. Shashwat comes n tells her , that they r going to Honeymoon. Shashwat very happy wid d news of her pregnancy.
MK going n DC holds her hand.
MK n DC fight over money. MK says i m going to give money to rahul . DC says: who is Rahul. MK says ,u dun even know the name of the guy who made ur daughter pregnant.

She s very upset.
Suddenly lights are on. Tejal , sushi n entrie family standing.
tejal confronts her n tells every1 dat MK was d one who was creating Misunderstandings in the family. Shaswat crying. He says :'What s d problem MK..i loved u , trusted u

blindly n dis s wat u returned'
Sanki gives a big lecture to MK.

Then MK breaks down. She had a tragic past. Her mom left her wen she was young . She says:'My mom left me for sum other rich man..i was brought up by my father , who is

a thug. I always learnt d chapters of Betrayal, Hatred . After my mom , i trusted rahul after my mom n he also betrayed me. He left me wen i needed him. I m not at all

ashamed of wat i did because i learnt dis thing from d whole world.'

DC tries to run but he s stopped by aniket.
Here MK goes to her room n starts packing her luggage. B4 she cud leave , she suffers from sever stomach ache. Every1 comes n herlps her out. She realizes d true meaning of

love n affection.

Next day:
MK was about to leave. Shashwat comes n infrms every1 that he tried a lot to stop her , but she s adamant on going. MK comes with her bag. She says :'I dont even deserve

to touch my elder's feet n take ur blessings' Nikhilesh stops him .
Followed by nikoo , Binoy n sushi also try to stop him .

Finally Sanki comes n saysI loved her dialogs, at this point); ' No 1 will stop her, MK want to repent for her mistakes but ...MK u know y dese people are trying to stop u

..because dey r a family which is nurtured by love, affection , trust. ' (Mk crying). Sanki further says:'MK , dese words are meaningless for u ..but dey r very important. I

know u were not given a right upbringing but God gave u a chance to meet dis family n to b happy always. U mk missed dat chance once. Do u seriously want to miss it another

time ...I think u shud not go.'
MK breaks down . She runs n hugs Sanki .
Sushi tejal Join d hug session .

1 year later,:

Tejal in her room , She shouts n says:'Bhabhi maa i cant prepare breakfast today.'
Sushi :'Tejal ben i m also busy'
MK says :'Bhabhi dun worry ..i will try to cook breakfast.'
Forum:'No ,.wen mk bhabhi prepares breakfast...sumthing go wrong.'

MK upset about it but Sanki consoles n says :'No MK will prepare Breakfast...sum day she will b a gr8 cook'
MK very happy.
Here Binoy - sushi romancing in dere room.

Tejal comes with 2 cradles. In one a boy was dere n in other a girl.
Boy was Shashwat's son.
Girl is Kanishka ...Binoy sushi 's child.

Tejal :'Shashwat ur son always cries.' Shashwat:'No my son cries wen u cum in front of him'

Here Aniket become a superstar, forum is working as his secretary. Shashwat running after aniket for n interview.

Aniket very busy. Shashwat pleading for a interview.

Here MK again ruins breakfast.
Every body laughs.

Every1 sings n dances on EDKHPH Title track n hence a happy ending.

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