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Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai - 23rd August 2013 Written Update

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Bug Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai - 23rd August 2013 Written Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 23rd August 2013 Written Update, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 23rd August 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 23rd August Written Update
Part 1
Chitrasi brings Sona inside the room and pushes Sona on the floor and points the gun towards Sona. Kanhaiya asks Chitrasi to open the door and not harm Sona. Chitrasi says donít do anything or i would kill Sona. Chitrasi says to Sona, not bad! You played a good game against me. You certainly did what you said. You have exposed me in front of everyone but the game is not over yet. I am in this trouble because of you. Now you will make me get out of this place safely. Sona says your end is near Chitrasi and Chitrasi laughs. Chitrasi says no one canít do anything to me. Chitrasi says Kanhaiya! if you want your Sona safely, do as i say. Prepare 1 cr and prepare a car for me to leave Allahmebad forever. And Kanhaiya, you are a policeman. Donít try to show your police work to me. Or i will kill your Sona and everyone is shocked. Sona shouts saying not to listen to Chitrasi as she will not be able to do anything to me. Chitrasi goes to hit Sona and Suhnaina says Chitrasi, you are make a very big mistake! At least fear god and Chitrasi asks Suhnaina to shut up as she only wants money. Kanhaiya, do you agree with my condition or i will kill your Sona and everyone hears a bullet sound and Kanhaiya shouts Sona ji!!! Chitrasi says iím just giving an example but the next bullet can kill Sona. I will conunt to three and you have to say if you agree to my condition or not. Chitrasi starts counting and Kanhaiya says we will do just as you said and Chitrasi smiles. Siddeshwar says there must be a way to stop her and Kanhaiya says we have no other way as she is holding Sona as hostage and her live is in danger. Suhnaina says that Kanhaiya is right and we need to do what Chitrasi requested. Kamal says but Chitrasi asked for 1 Cr and Kanhaiya says we need to find a way for that. Suhnaina cries saying oh god, please do something and show us a way. Siddeshwar says donít worry Kanhaiya, i have a friend and he will be able to give us the money. We can also mortgage our Shakti Dham. After all, this is about my bahu Sonaís life and i am willing to do anything. Lets leave and Siddeshwar leaves with Kanhaiya. Shakuntala says what are you saying Chitrasi? You are trapped in a big problem and you think you can get away with it? Chitrasi says no one can stop me. Sona sees Chitrasi places the gun on the chair and Sona tries to quietly take the gun but Chitrasi notices and holds Sona by her hair asking how dare she move from her place? Donít try to act smart! Chitrasi ties Sona on a chair and Sona says you think you can get away? You canít escape and Chitrasi says stop thinking about me and start worrying about yourself. Suhnaina asks Chitrasi to leave Sona and Chitrasi says i am not stupid. You want me to get arrested? Where is your son Kanhaiya and why is he not here with the money yet? Bheema says Kanhaiya have gone to get the money and nothing should happen to Sona Bhabhi. Chitrasi says wow, Sona Bhabhi? Till yesterday, all of you hated Sona and she is now bhabhi? Kamal says we didnít like to see her face because we were blinded by your innocent act but the truth is now out and you are such a low person that donít deserved to be called as a women. Sona says did you saw that? Chitrasi says shut up and Kanhaiya arrives and says Chitrasi, iíve brought the money and prepared the car. Please leave Sona ji now. Chitrasi says all of you stand far and keep the money away. Donít try to act smart or you will have to see Sona losing her life. Everyone moves away and Chitrasi opens the door pointing the gun on Sonaís head. Chitrasi asks if is the money prepared and Kanhaiya says not everyone will be like you. The money is prepared and Chitrasi says you love your Sona so much right? Chitrasi takes the bag and slowly walks and Sona shouts Police!!! and Chitrasi looks at the door and Sona tries to take away the gun from Chitrasi.

Part 2
Both Sona and Chitrasi struggle with the gun and the light suddenly goes off and a gunshot sound is heard. When the light comes back, Chitrasi is found on the floor and Sona is holding the gun where everyone is shocked. Chitrasi opens her eyes and Sona says makes Chitrasi stand and says if the bullet had hit anyone else, could you imagine what could have happened? Kanhaiya calls the police force to come and arrest Chitrasi. The police arrives and Kanhaiya says this kind of criminal should not be forgiven. Take her away and Sona says Chitrasi, you need to start your life again once you have gone through the punishment as i have trust that you would have realised by then that money is not everything. You may leave and Chitrasi is taken away.

Deva goes to Sona and says Sona, please forgive me as i am ashamed of the way i have behaved to you. Iím a village guy and i am a bit harsh at times. I never expected that behind the innocent village girlís face, she has all this bad intentions. But you have exposed her to us and thank you so much. We are all proud of you. Bheema says please forgive us Bhabhi. We only saw what Chitrasi showed us and because of you, we are all happy and Suhnaina smiles. Kanhaiya says Sona ji. I am also sorry for breaking my promise. I will change and Sona says you donít need to change as my love for you have not become less. Instead i take this as a chance where our relationship will gtet stronger. Kanhaiya hugs Sona and Suhnaina says such a beautiful moment. The family was in complete but it is complete today and i will remember this always. I am saying this today that i have seen so many housewives but you are the best Sona. You have proved that you are a good housewife and Sona smiles.

In the night, Sona and Kanhaiya are in their room with candles. Sona says please forgive me for keeping you away from me for so long. Kanhaiya says Sona ji, i want to ask you something. I had not trusted my Sona ji and that was my biggest mistake. Sona says lets forget what has happened and lets welcome our future. Lets think our happiness together. After our wedding, many things have happened but it has made us closer and stronger. Both Sona and Kanhaiya are in tears and Sona says today we are back together and we still love and care for each another. Despite being apart, our love is still the same and Tum Ho song plays where Sona and Kanhaiya looks at each another.

The next morning, Sona comes out from the kitchen calling out everyone saying the breakfast is ready. Sona says did you saw? This was the story of a housewife. Housewife, people think what do a housewife does? What is her work? But the truth is running a family is nothing less that running a country. Her work starts from morning till everning. The time have come where we Housewives can proudly say that ĎAaj Ki Housewives Hai.. Saab Jaanti Haií and Sona smiles.

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Thanks for the written update

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